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Shamrock Outsourcing, a Division of Arend and Associates, Ltd., was founded in 1992 to serve organizations that need human resources on a temporary or part time basis to serve a particular functional need. Virtually every function and special project occasionally needs to use outside resources on a contract basis without the obligation for long employment or full benefits.

Every organization needs to consider finding ways to reduce operating costs and identify resources that can be more efficient to produce the results to the bottom line. If you are a new company starting up or a middle market company that is expanding or a major organization seeking improved productivity, where does one go to find these new or alternative resources?

In the course of 25 years of professional experience serving organizations, Shamrock Outsourcing is the answer. Knowledge of quality self employed professionals or small boutique companies is extensive and growing as our country’s employment picture develops. At this time, close to 40% of the total employment in the USA comes from this group.

We can make the process simple by providing alternatives for your selection of the most appropriate resource for your need. Define the task, establish the criteria for selection, establish a workable budget, and then select the most talented and culturally appropriate person or group to serve your needs.


Life Sciences:

Engineering and Construction:

Regulatory Submissions
Pre-Clinical Services
Drug Discovery
Product Development
Clinical Development
Medical Affairs
Clinical and Commercial Supply
GMP and GCP Audits
Validation Services
Quality Systems
Business Development

Pipeline Project Managers
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Construction Managers
Upstream Engineers
Downstream Engineers

Consumer Packaged Goods:

Social Media Experts
Market Research
Business Development
Marketing Leaders
Advertising Leaders
Media Experts
Packaging and Design Experts


Environmental Services


Public Relations

Organizational Development

Outplacement Services

Training and Development

Executive Coaching


Executive Compensation

Continuous Improvement

Enterprise Resource Planning

IT Services

Data Entry

Shamrock Outsourcing qualifies all resources that are presented to client organizations. We require that all resources within the Shamrock Outsourcing portfolio submit appropriate references, subject themselves to an audit on past work performance, and be fully vetted as to their professional capabilities.

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